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BeyondPictures Social MEdia

Client: BeyondPictures Cinematography
ROLE: Content Lead

I worked on the brand personality and voice for @beyondpicturessg from 2018-2021, increasing their follower count by 38%.

The bosses and I sat down and hashed out what the brand stood for, the market segment we wanted to target, and what brand personality might attract them.

The brand personality and content reflects the company’s values – a slightly sentimental brand who understands that weddings are more than the couple. They’re about celebrating the importance of family.

This was also an excuse to try my hand at poetry.

Content for IG Posts

What do you write when your visuals speak for themselves?

I came up with a writing style for the brand that used a little bit of artistic flair to match our eye candy.

Talking about our brand

In the runup to a wedding fair, we created a bunch of social media collateral.
We needed to stand out from the other wedding vendors, so I took the direct approach: I headlined our campaign with an IG Story that summarised our brand values and USP.

Fun Stuff

Lots of businesses put out Lunar New Year greetings, but we didn't want to put out the same old content everyone else was sending. Cue lame zodiac-related puns.

Long Form Posts

The BeyondPictures brand personality is thoughtful and reflective.

On special occasions like Valentine's or Mother's Day, I pretend I'm Hemingway or some other properly brilliant writer and go ham on the keyboard.

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